Seasons & Attire — or what the fashion conscious WOOFER wears in Neverland

Most of the year temperatures here are not very cool. Occasional nights can drop to 13 celsius or even a bit lower. Unless you are sleeping nude outside you should be fine with a sleeping bag in one of our rooms. Rainy season is usually a few weeks end of October (invernilla, the small winter, the planting rains), real rains from January thru May, sometimes later or sooner. Rainy days are very sunny and warm in the am, collecting moisture for afternoon rains. Some rain can be pretty strong. Then we have summer, dry and often quite windy. Very little rain, so we run heavy irrigation (mostly ditch or flood irrigation, few sprinklers).

Rainy Season

Dry Season

All Year Round

Wish List

We have wish lists, things that we always need from the states or Europe that really help the farm. Things like